Place and dates


The Tournament will take place 10 May to 16 May 2021 at the places:

-    «Manezh» Sportcenter, Bredova-Zverinaya str. 22, Veliky Novgorod

-    «Central Sport Arena» Sportcenter, Kosmonavtov str. 32, Veliky Novgorod


Requirements to participants


The following age group teams participate at the tournament:

-    girls 2008-2009 (+3 players born in 2007), 

-    boys born in 2005-2006 

-    boys born in 2007-2008 

-    boys born in 2009-2010 

-    boys born in 2011-2012  

Regarding the teams of boys born in 2009-2010, 2011-2012 girls of this age group are allowed to participate as well.

The Tournament will be split into parts:

May 10-12 2021

boys born in 

May 12-14 2021

boys born in 

May 13-14 2021

boys born in 

The number of teams participating is limited.

The team structure is: 20 persons including 17 participants, 2 coaches and 1 leader. One player is allowed to play for one age group team and for his club in older age group teams.

Teams are to have two sets of uniform of different colors.

It is recommended to use the safety glasses for all age groups. 

The organising committee has the right to determine the identity of players. The team manager is responsible for making sure that each member of a team has a valid identification card (with photo) or passport with them.




Applications are to be sent by the official page of the Tournament - REGISTRATION not later than March 01, 2021. The participants of the competition are formed after the application campaign March 07, 2021. The players list of a team is to be sent by e-mail to floorball53@mail.ru no later than April 15, 2021. The players list form can be downloaded in the section REGISTRATION on the site www.unihocrussiacup.com. The players that are not in the application list are not allowed to participate in the Tournament.

The Tournament agenda is approved after the application campaign and is put on the official page of the Tournament www.unihocrussiacup.com not later than 7 days before the first play starts. The Organizing Committee may make changes in the timetable published.

The teams that have applied for participation automatically agree to follow all the rules of these Regulations.

In case a team refuses to participate or is disqualified the application fee is not returned.


The Tournament system and determination of winners


The matches are held in accordance with the rules of floorball of the International Floorball Federation (with some exceptions). Matches of the Tournament consist of two periods: 15 minutes each (non-effective time) with a break during which the players exchange the sides. The time count  is stopped due to time-out, penalty kick or when a referee gives triple signal at the non-typical play situation (the ball is damaged, any player is injured, unauthorized people or things are on the playing spot, partial or full electricity breakdown). In the final games (1-4 places) each team has a right to have one 30-second time-out that is to be given as soon as the play is stopped. The final games (1-4 places) have 2*15 minutes periods (the time is non-effective, the last two minutes of the main time is effective). The play is held in two stages: the preliminary plays and play-off. Each age group each team is guaranteed 4 plays.

The preliminary plays are held in sub-groups in each age group in a circle system. The number of groups is defined in accordance with the number of teams in each age group.

The places of teams in subgroups are defined due to the biggest sum of points collected in all plays:

-    if the team wins at the match it gets 3 points;

-    if it is a draw game - 1 point;

-    if the team looses at the match - 0 points;

If two or more teams have the same number of points the winner is defined according to:

-    the results of plays between these teams;

-    the biggest difference between scored and missed goals in matches between these teams;

-    the biggest number of scored balls in matches between these teams; 

-    the biggest difference between scored and missed goals in all plays

-    the biggest number of scored balls in all plays;

-    if all the parameters are equal the winner is defined by the toss.

Afterwards the play-offs take place. In case a winner is not defined during play-offs in the main time the referees set penalty kicks. Either a captain of a team or a coach notify referees in a written form about what players with what numbers and in what order have the penalty kicks. Three players of each team have one penalty kick each and if a winner is not defined the same players have one penalty kick again till the moment any player scores a goal. The order of three players may be changed about additional penalty shots but a player is not allowed to take the third shot till all his team players don’ t do that, at least two shots each and so on.

If one or both teams haven’t come to the play it means that they lose the game with the score 0:5. The absence is to be indicated in the match protocol. If the team is more than 7 minutes late to the play it means that the team hasn’t come to the play. If the team hasn’t come to the play the competing team wins with the score 5:0 and it is scored 3 points.

In case the game is disrupted due to unsportmanlike behavior of the players of any team that team is considered to have lost the game by the score 0:5. In case the game stops because of both teams each of these teams is considered to have lost the game by the score 0:5.

The teams’ representatives – participants of the competition ought to list the names of the players with their personal numbers into the protocol 20 minutes before the match starts. Right after the match stops the representatives of the teams come up to the secretary to fill in the protocol. The teams’ representatives check the protocol in case of any mistake and put their signature. In case the team’s representative before the match hasn’t come up to the secretary the secretary has the right to prohibit the team from playing. This case is considered as being late for the game and as a technical defeat by the score 0:5. If the team’s representative before the match hasn’t list the players that participated in the game or if he has deleted them from the list the team may be considered as technically defeated because the not-listed player participated in the match.

In case of the technical result the difference of the score is not to be considered.

The Organizing Committee is to take a decision in all other cases that are not mentioned in these Regulations.


A representative or a trainer of any team participating in a match has a right to protest in the Tournament Organization Committee. 

The written protest may be handed to the organizer within one hour after the game. The protest fee is 5000 (five thousand) rubles and can be paid together with the application form.

The description of a protest must be full and in accordance with the articles of these Regulations. The following documents are to be attached to a protest: documented facts that, as the protestant thinks, give evidence that the match result is to be annulled.

Protests are analyzed at the meeting of the Organizational Committee and the Referee Committee meeting within 24 hours since the appeal is received. 

The Organizational Committee and the Referee Committee has the right not to accept and consider untimely protests and protests based on complaints against the quality of match refereeing. 

As a result of protest considering one of the following decisions can be made:

- Rejection of the protest and leaving the match result in force;

- Satisfying the protest, cancellation of the match result and the score of one of the teams participating in the match, technical defeat and disqualification of the tea;

- Satisfying the protest, cancellation of the match result and setting a place, a date and terms of a replay.

In case the protest is satisfied the fee is to be returned. 

The decision comes into force in no time, the teams participating in the match get informed about it.

The decision of the Organizational Committee and the Referee Committee is final and is not to be called in question.

The responsibility of players and team leaders

Teams and their leaders are to follow all the rules of these Regulations and showing strong discipline and respect to each other, spectators and official persons. 

Team leaders are responsible for authenticity of the document shanded regarding their participants and for their floorballplayers’ behavior and have no right to interfere in a match’s referees actions. 

Each team is responsible for behavior of their participants’ parents and their fans. In case any fan or a parent be have improperly the team may be fined or be the subject of sanctions. 

This is The Organizational Committee and the Referee Committee that makes a decision as regards disqualification, fining and payment periods.


All the players and officials of the team shall be insured by a valid sport insurance. 

The organising committee is not responsible for any injuries, medical expenses or theft. It is recommended to obtain a sufficient insurance. 


Rewarding of winners


The teams ranked the 1-st position in each age group are rewarded with cups and diplomas.

The teams ranked the 2-nd and 3-rd positions in each age group are rewarded with diplomas.

The players of the teams ranked the 1, 2, 3-rd positions in each age group are rewarded with medals.

According to the results of the Tournament in each age group four best players are defined: a goalkeeper, defender, forward, MVP. The Tournament Organization Committee rewards the above-mentioned players and winning teams with special prizes.


Funding terms


The tournament fee is 11000 rubles. The tournament fee is paid right before the start of the Tournament at the Tournament Secretary.

The trip costs for participants (return trip, daily money allowance, nutrition, accomodation, insurance) are covered by the organizations of the playing teams.