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Veliky Novgorod - Motherland of Floorball!

As long ago as in the 10-12th centuries the ball game using sticks was widespread in Russia, as evidenced by archaeological findings and ethnographic data: for example, more than 200 balls have been found in Novgorod made of the bottom part of the tree or its' knurs and in 2018 one of the valuable discoveries - a wooden hockey stick was found at the Nutny excavation (Veliky Novgorod).

Maybe that's why the biggest and the most prestigious children's tournament in Russia - UNIHOC RUSSIA CUP came into the world on the old Novgorod land! The very first cup - URC 2015 was made by a famous Novgorod blacksmith on the image on the birch bark manuscript looking like a man with a hockey stick! In May the strongest children's teams of Russia are coming to Veliky Novgorod for the 6-th time to fight for the cup!


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