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About tournament

10 May to 15 May 2022 The International Junior Floorball Tournament UNIHOC RUSSIA CUP will take place for the seventh time in the floorball history of Russia! The following teams can participate in these games:

  • girls 2008-2009 (+2 players born in 2007),

  • boys 2006-2007,

  • boys 2008-2009,

  • boys 2010-2011,

  • boys 2012-2013


It is allowed for the girls of the same age group to participate in the boy teams aged 2010-2011, 2012-2013.


The Tournament will be split into parts:

May 10-12 2022

boys born in 2008-2009, 2010-2011

May 12-14 2022

boys born in 2012-2013

May 13-15 2022

boys born in 2006-2007, girls born in 2008-2009

The number of teams participating is limited.


The team structure is: 20 persons including 17 participants, 2 coaches and 1 leader. One player is allowed to play for one age group team and for his club in older age groups teams.


Each age group each team is guaranteed 4 plays.

It is recommended to use the safety glasses for all age groups.


Applications are to be sent by the official page of the Tournament - REGISTRATION not later than March 01, 2022.


The players list of a team is to be sent by e-mail to no later than April 20, 2022.


The tournament fee is 12500 rubles. The tournament fee is paid right before the start of the Tournament at the Tournament Secretary.


The main prize is the balls for floorball for one year!!!

The Tournament will be held in the central sports arena of Veliky Novgorod. In 2013 one of the biggest junior floorball tournaments of Russia “The Golden Floorball Stick” took place there. Hundreds of young floorball players from all over Russia will visit Veliky Novgorod in in spring 2022 to participate in UNIHOC RUSSIA CUP.

Using the service on the site HOME/Statistics and results you can see the place and time the matches are held, game results, team position in the tournament table, individual statistics of the players. You may learn Tournament rules on the site in the part TOURNAMENT.

There will be online live broadcasting of the games UnihocRussiaCup TV.


And we being organizers of this competition would like to invite young floorball players from different countries. We are going to have much floorball and communication. We are planning to have a cultural program, our guests and participants will visit the Novgorod Kremlin and the Sophic Palace (the most ancient stone cathedral in Russia with the wonder-working icon). A round table for the participants of teams and coaches will be held.

We can assist in organizing the booking of hotels, nutrition and transfer from Saint-Petersburg.

The applications are received till March 01, 2022.
We are glad to answer all your questions and requests. Our e-mail:

Veliky Novgorod – the town in the North-West of Russia. It is located between Moscow and Saint-Petersburg.
Veliky Novgorod is one of the most ancient and famous towns of Russia (in 2019 Veliky Novgorod is celebrated its’ 1160 anniversary). In the middle ages it was the centre of the Novgorod Rus and after that it was the centre of so-called Novgorod country that was a part of Old Russia and Russia State.




Veliky Novgorod is situated at the North-West of the European part of Russia, 180 km away from Saint-Petersburg and 524 km from Moscow. 


For EU participants more convenient way is
1 - to get to Saint-Petersburg
2 - transfer from Saint-Petersburg to Veliky Novgorod (2,5 hours)


1. You can get to St.Petersburg by:


2. We are ready to provide transfer services:

  • from Helsinki to Veliky Novgorod 

  • from sea port/railway station/bus station to Veliky Novgorod 

  • from Pulkovo Airport to Veliky Novgorod 




List of hotels with special price for teams, relatives and friends !


For bookings and further information please contact us on e-mail:



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